Featherfew, LTD.

FF_logoFeatherfew is one of the many wildflowers that grow in wastelands and barren soil. Despite inhospitable conditions,
wildflowers thrive along roadsides, in vacant lots, even through sidewalk cracks. Humbly, perennially, without comfort, fine breeding or cultivation, they bring rich color, sweet fragrance and simple beauty into the world. And, they bring healing. Featherfew, in particular, is known for calming distress and lifting low spirits.

Like tenacious wildflowers, the gifts of the publisher, FEATHERFEW, are humbly designed to bring into the world a small measure of healing and joy. FEATHERFEW shares in the vision of a world growing in peace with an appreciation of the dignity of all people and the goodness of all creation.

FEATHERFEW is the original publisher of The Twelve Gifts of Birth and The Thirteenth Gift.

A portion of the profits from this book and all books in the Twelve Gifts series is donated to The Twelve Gifts of Birth Foundation which supports programs that prevent abuse and promote the well-being of children.

FEATHERFEW is not accepting any manuscripts at this time.

FEATHERFEW is not accepting any manuscripts at this time.